Friday Feature – Interview with KnightofRa

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

So when did you first find out about Kong and why’d you stick around?
I saw Jim on Fox News. I was bored in my store. Immediately went to check it out as I LOVE games and was sick of the same old on MSN games. Played a few games server crashed. Was bored one day on comp and clicked on site to see if it was back up and started playing games.. Did that for a few weeks and got sick of the kids in chat so I signed up account and tried to reign the little monsters in then got to helping giving advice been doing the same thing ever since.

Thus we see the beginnings of a mod. So you own your own store? What kind of business do you run, if you don’t mind my asking?
I am a partner in an independently owned Alltel store.

Ah excellent. So how long have you been a mod for now?
Since November I believe.

Which is about how long I’ve been here. Explains why it seems like you’ve been one forever. Okay, so rumor on the grapevine has it you’re the toughest mod on the site. How’s that working for you? 🙂
LOL yeah i used to have a different approach to modding I actively went from room to room looking for hot spots as thats what the trolls do. All the mods get a little comfortable in their own rooms. So I wanted to get in there and mix it up and help some of the new mods learn a bit. In my travels I made friends in many rooms and when it flares up they whisper at me and USUALLY I ask nicely 2 times then I tell them to stop then ban no sense in dragging it out. However I do get in trouble with the staff on occasion I just like to think of my self as the opposite end of the mod spectrum to jude mave lol he is a bit more ummmm forgiving. But I always have my chat logs to back me up.

Hehe, nice. What are your thoughts on the user moderation system?
If your referring to the voting system they talked about I am skeptical at best.

Why is that? Think it could be taken advantage of?
Very much so I can get an alt up to level ten in a matter of hours and there are trolls on here that have upwards of 100 alt accounts and there are starting to be more and more packs of them. So it could mean a take over of a chat room albeit a short lived one.

Good point. Do you feel more moderators would help or options other than banning, perhaps a site-wide mute for the user?
I think a strap worn around the wrist that delivers a painful shock instead of a ban.
LOL. No just kidding but yes it would have helped had they went forward with the room moderators. And yes I think our present mod staff isn’t enough and I actually know of some that have been passed over as being too heavy handed. But we have had several new mods as of late. I just think the ratio is way off. Its sad to say but I am the parent of a 13 year old (yes I am old) and I wont let her on Kong yet as I feel its too rough without my being there. And if they find out she is KoR’s kid it would be rough on her. The trolls already actively go after lilith the dark my soon to be wife.

Hey, congratulations on that. When’s the big date?
June 21st. Its the first KONG wedding lol. BlueFox another mod is actually my best man. We want to broadcast it on webcam for our friends on Kong. Have had lots ask for that feature. Would love to link it to Kong site. Expect wedding pics in the forums.

Sounds like it will be a pretty cool event and I’m looking forward to it. Now how about stuff outside of Kong? What sorts of hobbies do you have?
I love sports even tho I am old. Bball baseball soft ball tennis swimming hiking and mountain biking. My favorite is fishing esp teaching kids how to fish I love that. And hunting.

Rifle or bow? Or do you just get a bowie knife and go mano-a-mano?
I hunt with all forms bow and rifle shot gun and pistol. I even fish with a bow and arrow for non game fish quite challenging.

Better than the old stick of dynamite. All right, I appreciate your taking the time for the interview.
No problem.

KnightofRa now has his own room at Adventure Club so his days of roaming are sorta over. You can find him online there throughout the day.

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4 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with KnightofRa”

  1. Jim Greer Says:

    Hey KnightsofRa nice interview – I like your approach. Will leave you a whisper about the voting system thing… we’re rethinking that a bit.

  2. venzael Says:

    Great interview! And a very big congratulations to you and Lilith, I’ll try and remember the date 🙂

  3. Chris Says:

    Hey KightofRa, you’re a crappy fuzzy mod. So much for hating users, you never do. You get involved in group hugs, then threaten a ban to others who hug too hard with you. I’ve already reported to staff…you’ll get your hug liscence taken away!

  4. doctormarmalade Says:

    And chris’s comment has been hijacked.

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