Knights of Rock

Knights of Rock


This hero is on a rather sudden quest of vengeance. The second another knight bust through his window, Your guy kills him! That is how this short little game starts, with the action present immediately. The game is Basically a metal version of DDR with a lot of animations to go along with the action. The premise of it all is to get to the dragon that you (somehow…) know about. The game itself is only about 2 minutes long. But these 120 seconds of yours are well spent.

While it may not have the length of balloon invasion, this game has its strongholds. There is virtually no lag. The song it uses is headbang-worthy. The thing that you use to play the game, the fretboard of sorts, is well implemented. The arrows that come across are very, very fast. Easy to miss, these arrows represent the guitar notes. I have yet to figure out what makes you lose, but right now I think it is to lose 5000 points, or to miss about half of a section’s notes. You will probably fail the first time. Actually, I will bet money that you are to fail the first time. Perhaps get to the boss the first time. Then fail. Though you won’t make it to the end the first time, this game is actually quite easy. I took the dragon out in two tries.

There is replay value. The maker, jmtb02, seemed to of put a lot of thought into this area. There is a comprehensive rating of how you did at the end of the game. I was disappointed in myself. So I did it again. The rewards for doing well are a few banners you can show off, displaying the some funny phrases. Not too much more I can say about this here game…

8/10 A well developed art style, with great animations.

8/10 Music based and very very fast.

10/10 (mute button is non-existent, but gameplay is awful without it) Metal!

9/10 Guide your little knight to the dragon’s den through music!

8/10 Arrow keys work well, but WASD options would be nice.

This two minute game is pretty fun, but doesn’t have too much to offer. Also, if you dislike metal, this will not be entertaining to you. 8/10!

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