Tactical Assassin

Tactical Assassin


Okay, so with the release of Tactical Assassin 2, I thought it was time to go back to the original and get it ACKKed. And not only because I wanted to stop playing Drone Wars.
Anyway. So, here we are. You’re an assassin and your job is to…well, assassinate. You are given information about your target(s) and secondary conditions.
Use your mouse to control the crosshair, making sure to take in the location of everyone before dropping your target. Play through seven short scenarios, exercising your ability to shoot under pressure, shoot moving targets, identify your target and patience. Missions are fairly easy if you read your briefing and you shouldn’t need a walkthrough or guide. For me, the second last level was the hardest. Anyone having trouble needs to be patient *winks*
I found the ending sadly anti-climactic, although I guess that’s where TA2 is supposed to take over.

Graphics are simple lines, boxes and stickmen in black and white with a nice contrast of red blood when you down a poor soul, however this works perfectly.
Sadly the game is very short and there is very little replay value from it. Variation is sparse in terms of weaponry and not much difference between assassination missions. Sound effects are taken straight from Counterstrike (the Scout, if I remember correctly) and soft background music accompanies it. Sadly, there is no mute for this but it’s soft and shouldn’t cause you too much mental anguish.

9/10. Hey, nothing mind-blowing, but it all works and I’m a fan of the red-on-black/white effect

6/10. The only falling point. Next to no replay value, very short and suitably easy.

8/10. Soft, sneaking background music with punctured shots. Like it.

9/10. You’re an assassin, you view the world through a scope. Think about it!

8/10. Just the mouse to shoot whilst in the mission.

Awesome concept and well done. It’s just too short and no replay value.

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One Comment on “Tactical Assassin”

  1. leprocorn Says:

    that was fanytastic

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