Sittin’ at a Bar

Sittin’ at a Bar


For some reason I’m reviewing a game for a song by the band Rehab released in 2000 and re-released in 2006. This pretty much looks to be a commissioned game by SonyBMG to promote this single. I personally don’t have any problem reviewing these games or playing them for simple entertainment value, so on to the review 🙂 We have a moderately drunk man sitting at a bar and we have to attempt to keep him balanced while also drinking the beers that are passed to us. You can opt to let the beers go by, but you still get as tipsy as you would if you drank them. Plus you get to see some pretty horrid yet amusing expressions on the guy’s face as he gets more and more plastered. There’s a special guest appearance of Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski.

Use your left and right keys to keep your balance and press space to grab a beer. As mentioned before, drinking in this game isn’t going to hurt anything so chug away. As time goes by your character is going to get more and more tipsy, no matter what you do. A constant hold on the left or right key will net you better results than tapping on the keys. The controls feel pretty sloppy towards the end, but at the start they’re really tight and you can control your character pretty well.

Excellent work with the graphics, in my opinion. There are great details in the game, like the grain of wood on the bar, the rather crass sign in the back, and the window with the sunset outside. There isn’t much to speak of in terms of animation, but the facial expressions cracked me up. You’ll inevitably fall off the barstool and that’s a fairly humorous animation as well.

The game is based on a song performed by Rehab. As I mentioned, it originally came out in 2000 on “Southern Discomfort” and was re-released in 2006 on “Graffiti The World.” You can mute the song at any time though it’s surprisingly good. There’s only the one song and chances are it’s going to crack you up, but it may also get old for you. No sound effects are provided for this game, which could have added a lot but I think people didn’t want anything taken away from the song itself so there we are.

8/10. Great graphics, needs more animation though.

7/10.Fair amount of replay value here to see if you can’t beat your old score.

9/10. Funny song and good at that.

7/10. Balance games have been done before so this isn’t anything new.

8/10. Two arrow keys and the space, though controls will get worse over time.

The highest I could ever get was 10,500 points. Think you can top that? 8/10

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