Chaos Faction

Chaos Faction


Let me clue you in on something about this game. When your little, cute, character that you spent so much time creating, falls off screen, He lets out a yell. This yell brings a tear to my eye. Not too recently did I have a nightmare about this. My mind relived the moment my enemy bested me in the ring of honor. And it stung.

Hehe, kidding aside, I love this game. From the character creation to the stage art to the power-ups to the stage creator to the death-matches to the survival-matches to the… wow, I am prattling. Just get it through your head that this is an amazing game. let’s take my first example, the first thing I played, The story! There really is no story, sort of a “go around brawlin'”-type deal. Complaints? NONE! The progressive gaining of goodies for you to dress up your little guy is adds some depth. Every arena has its own weapon, which, when you beat that level, you get for the next set of battles.

Now, this is like Super smash brothers(or for the uninitiated, newgrounds rumble), so expect all the good thing from that series to be on there. The cool character designs, for one. Or the fact that the power-ups fall from the sky. These two things are expertly done. The power-ups are random, with a katana falling at some times and a freeze ray at others. Combat gets depth from this.

Now for my favorite mode, which is by the name of “survival”. Beat up the weaker enemies sent at you one-by-one. This mode is very challenging, for you have 5 lives and It is but a matter of time before your enemy overtakes you. It is a good challenge and comes highly recommended. Then there is death-match, which has customization. Here’s what’ll pass through your head- “Hmm…Let’s see… I want the pirate dude vs the swamp monster dude vs the ninja dude, oh and let’s give the ninja 8 lives…vs me!” The untold amount of options leads to one heck of an experience.

I’m suprised you’ve made it this far into this review. Go play!

10/10. The animations are near flawless.

10/10. What’s this I hear? A flash game with the gameplay of a super smash brothers game?

10/10. Epic/intense techno music.

9/10. Simple- A game that is to inspire joy within you while you think of SSB.

9/10. The combos are well layed out, but the use of the arrow keys is nowhere to be found…

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