Dukateers Temple Trouble

Dukateers Temple Trouble


You control the brave Captain Lefop. Your goal? Get all the gold in every level and escape with your life intact. If you enjoy puzzle games you’re going to love Dukateers Temple Trouble. If you don’t like puzzle games this will probably frustrate you to no end. There is a level save option where you can continue from the last level played but this doesn’t seem to work at the moment. There is also an odd issue with the passwords. It appears that they have all been removed, so every level password is simply blank. Just press enter and you can unlock any level you want. The author is addressing these issues so hopefully there will be some proper game progression with the next update.

The controls are a very simple setup. Just use your arrow keys to move around the temple and the space bar to activate switches and light fuses. Yes, I said fuses. You get to induldge your inner pyro in this game by blowing up kegs of gunpowder. This destroys both cracked blocks and cracked floor tiles, so plan accordingly. Speaking of cracked blocks, you cannot push these. Regular blocks are moveable, but the cracked ones can only be blown up. New elements are introduced every few levels so you have plenty of time to adjust to the current mechanics before you have to deal with something else.

The graphics are pretty impressive in Dukateers, though your character looks rather ghoulish. All of the heads in the game are exaggerated, both on yourself and on the enemies. The animations are fluid even if the character tends to move slowly. The fire is a little slow as well, but it still looks pretty. This game looks a lot better than Phantom Mansion, though I think that affects the speed every now and then. Dukateers also has good music and decent sound effects, but you can’t mute them. I can’t imagine that this is too tough to implement and it’s frustrating when it isn’t.

8/10. Very nice work with the graphics.

7/10. The puzzles are varied enough that your interest can be held pretty long.

6/10. Good music but you can’t mute.

7/10. A lot like Phantom Mansion, just all rolled into one game.

8/10. Simple controls, though game can be slow at times.

A fun puzzle game and definitely worth playing a bit. 7/10

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