Overrun II

Overrun II


The year is some time after 2063. The stick figures are ticked off and are coming to get you as revenge for all the years of mis-treatment. You have a turret and some mad clicking skills so go to town and destroy your enemies. Overrun II is a fun little defense game. I say little, but Denvish says the source is well over 800mb. I’m always impressed by how much flash can compress files.

Using your WASD or arrow keys you can rotate your turret to face the enemies that approach you from all directions. Use your mouse to aim and fire at these enemies. The Q and E or INS End keys allow you to use your smart bomb and shockwave respectively. The Bomb kills all enemies currently on the screen, shockwave is a rechargable screenwide weapon that damages but does not kill the enemies. With an upgraded gun this can mean the difference between a quick victory or a protracted battle.

Denvish used quite a few tools to create the enemies and his efforts shine through quite nicely. The enemies scale in size as they approach the screen and the detail just gets better the closer they get. Of course you earn more points for shooting them from farther away, so don’t try to appreciate the detail too much. One thing I noticed is that the enemies can be hard to see against the backgrounds. Also take note that the radar isn’t closely representative of how near the enemies are to you. If they appear to be halfway or closer then you are very likely in trouble. The radar indicates every enemy with a unique color so you can identify which are the quick ones, which are the tougher ones, and which ones are downright dangerous at a glance.

There is a Volume control available as an orange slider bar at the bottom of the screen. Songs from various artists are included in this game, including a track by Denvish himself. I was really pleased to hear the excellent work put into the audio tracks, especially considering how many games don’t include it these days.

8/10. 3D graphics and some pretty awesome animations.

7/10. It starts out easy enough but it starts getting tough around level 8.

9/10. This game has great music and sound effects.

8/10. Defense game, woo! The addition of powerups that you can grab during the rounds is nice.

7/10. Need to be able to hold the mouse key to fire instead of clicking repeatedly.

Pretty fun defense game with some intense moments. 8/10

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