Temple Guardian II

Temple Guardian II


Welcome to the land of…well, I don’t rightly know. You’re here to defend your temple from the evil entities looking to overtake and destroy it. Use towers, traps, and heros to kill your enemies. Upgrade the towers to do more damage but keep an eye on your gold or you won’t be able to repair any damaged towers. Both air an land enemies will try to make their way past your towers so plan accordingly. Watch out for invisible and burrowing enemies as they will slip past your strongest defenses to attack your temple directly.

You can use your arrow keys to scroll the map, but everything else is controlled by the mouse. The one beef I had is no autoscrolling. You have to click on the edge you want to move to get the mouse to go. I suppose this was unavoidable, but still… Hotkeys for building towers would have been nice, as would have one for your hero. Fortunately there is a hotkey to deselect your hero and that’s going to be a necessary trick, trust me.

If you’ve played the original Temple Guardian you can see that this game received a significant graphics upgrade in addition to everything else. The game tends to get laggy at times and that can be a bit frustrating, but there are quality controls in the menu when you’re playing the game. Tinker with the various settings to see what works for you and what doesn’t. You can mute various portions of the sound or mute the sound altogether, whatever works for you. The audio is a real treat for this game, though. The music is rich and there are some good audio cues to let you know when incidents are occurring. Fortunately the game is balanced enough where there are also visual cues to indicate problem areas.

8/10. Nice work with the graphics in this game. Detailed scenery.

8/10. Enough time is given between the waves so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

9/10. The only bad thing about the audio was the “whooping” noise of the mage. Otherwise excellent.

8/10. Tower defense game, but the enemies don’t follow pre-defined paths.

7/10. Edge detection for the mouse without having to click would have been nice.

All in all, a pretty fun tower defense game with some nice addtions. 8/10

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