As I was playing a certain other ACKK writer came into the room, joining me as I played this game. He (and I quote) said “oh, my doc, how do you play this?”. I saw this a lot in the comments. Confusion was rampant! I valiantly yell at them all to read the instructions. Battle won. Time for the review of D-evo, the dinosaur themed card game with emphasis on upgrades.

Such a complicated game… The instructions are simple enough, leaving a bit for the player to sort out. The game is all mouse, so no nonsense on that front. On to the game-play! You are dealt one card every turn, and you can either keep it, scrap it for playpoints (thats what I call ’em), or play it. You need a certain amount of play points to summon a card, the more points needed for better cards. Now, there are different types of cards to get. Earth, water, or air. Self explanatory, because the decks are basically choosing which class you want to overpower. The mechanics of the game are hard to explain… A bit of guessing might help.

I think I’ll just skip describing gameplay… Time for nitpicking! The deck’s have no specialization to them, just more of one card. There is way too much luck involved, and I hate the fact that your cards are only cards, nothing more. They could have animations. But they don’t. There’s a lot of those kind of things. *But* There is one more thing I forget to mention. Replayability! There are 33 levels, each harder than the last. If you allow it, you might find yourself addicted to the game. Good luck and happy dinosaur hunting!

8/10. The cards are nicely drawn, but there aren’t battle actions, just the card tilting forward.

9/10. A tad hard to figure out, but it might addict a few, that wondrous gameplay!

5/10. Just the *clink* of when a card plays and the suspenseful music of when you are almost out of health.

9/10. A dinosaur card game. Pwn? Yes.

8/10. Mouse. Imagine that.

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