Daymare Town 2

Daymare Town 2


Daymare Town left us off crossing the bridge from the seemingly abandoned town to a castle of sorts. Daymare Town 2 starts off exactly where we left off, with you reaching the other side of the bridge ready for another adventure. Mateusz Skutnik managed to produce a fine sequel here and this one isn’t nearly the point and click nightmare that the last one was. One new game element introduced here is the coins, but I’ll speak more on that later.

Once again, you maneuver around town by using your mouse. Unlike the original game, this town is inhabited by a great variety of creatures both large and small and you’re going to end up interacting with a majority of them. If you get stuck at a certain point move your mouse around all the edges of the screen. Sooner or later you’ll find what you need to continue. Don’t forget the mouse cursor will change when you get to an object you can interact with. At other times you’ll see text in the bottom right corner that will give you some direction. Either way, this game is 100% solvable and it’s even fairly intuitive so don’t give up. In fact, I’ll write up a walkthrough to post to Kongreguide so you can get through this game if you’re having any struggles. As mentioned before, one of the big changes in this game is the introduction of the coins. You have to purchase various items from vendors in order to complete the game. Just click on the item you want, click on your coins, and drop the coins into the shadowed outlines to purchase it.

Just like the previous version, this game has a much more rough look to it that Mateusz’s other games. The world is full of scribbles that represent rocks, bricks, sand, and plants. Identifying what’s important can be a chore at times, but the one thing you really need to keep an eye out for is those coins. They can tend to look like rocks at some points but you need them. There are far more creatures to interact with in this world and it makes for a pretty cool environment, especially when there are creatures of various sizes, ranging from as small as a cat to as tall as a tower. Also note that there are various objects that you can click on to pick up; grab everything except the chalk. For some reason that’s an active object, but you can’t pick it up.

Again with the wind! There’s still a constant wind blowing through this town, but now it’s not all that ominous and instead is just background noise. It still adds to the atmosphere quite nicely, though. The sound effects can provide some important audio cues at times but for the most part they too, are atmospheric.

Creepy extras in Daymare Town 2:
None of these are critical to the game, but they’ll make you shudder nonetheless. From the Butcher’s Market, look at the left side for the Cherry Embassy and go inside. Again from Butcher’s Market, look at the right side for the aristocrat’s house and go inside then upstairs. Inside the museum after you unlock the door look at the signs for the pictures on the wall directly in front of you and the wall to the left. Note what materials the dresses are made of…

9/10. There is far more animation in this game thanks to the presence of inhabitants. Objects also seem to stand out more.

8/10. The sequel has replay value, unlike the original. How many coins can you find?

7/10. Still no mute option here, but the “music” and sound effects are very good.

8/10. Mateusz proves once again that he is the master of the point and click


I can safely say this is one of those “must play” games. 8/10

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One Comment on “Daymare Town 2”

  1. Venzael Says:

    I really enjoyed Daymare Town 1, and your review makes me very eager to play it! 😀

    Nice work, Thal, good luck with the Daymare Town 2 guide :3

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