Cave Escaper

Cave Escaper


It seems to be interesting timing that we get this game released on Kongregate shortly after the next Indiana Jones movie, but it could be entirely coincidence. Surely there are more adventurers running around out there with leather jackets and fedoras while swinging across pits of lava, right? Yeah… Cave Escaper has you doing just that, escaping a cave. Run through 50 levels of increasing difficulty to reach your goal or die trying. There’s an automatic save function so you can pick up your adventures from the last level you completed. Thank goodness for small favors.

Cave Escaper uses the standard WASD or arrow key configuration. You also have a grappling hook and rope you can use to get across those difficult spots. The grapple is activated with the space bar. Once the arrow is aiming where you want to swing from just press the space bar again to launch your hook. Swing across and press space one more time to release the hook and drop to safety (hopefully). You also have situations where you need to use explosives and you can activate this by pressing down or s on your keyboard then pressing the space bar.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but they do have their funny moments. The animations are very smooth, especially when you push the rocks. The one thing that really cracked me up was the death by lava animation. Apparently your hat has a skeletal structure along with the rest of your body. Who knew? And you know, this game just didn’t seem right without the Indiana Jones music playing. So what do I do? Mute the music and load that up, of course. Not that the music wasn’t bad for the game, but I guess I have a certain movie on my mind. The sound effects and music can be muted separately, so bonus there.

7/10. Fairly simple drawings, yet still effective.

7/10. Pretty fun little puzzler, but no replay value.

8/10. Sound effects, music, and mute. Very nice.

8/10. The grappling hook adds a nice element to what could otherwise be a standard game.

7/10. I would have preferred a separate key for the explosives.

This is one you can pick up and play for a few minutes here and there, well worth the time. 7/10

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One Comment on “Cave Escaper”

  1. venzael Says:

    One horrible thing I noticed a bout this was your inability to simply ‘fall’ off a platform when you walk off it. You had to do a leap, which would inevitably place you further than your nice safe stepping stone and into a lukewarm pool of…lava.

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