Friday Feature – Interview with vanilla_dreaming

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Okay, let us begin. For I have much to hear from you.

sure ^^

First things first. What’s the story behind that name of yours?

lol, there isnt really a story, its just a random idea i had, figured it sounded cool, so i stuck with it ^^

Yeah, ever heard the band “vanilla fudge”?

lol, nope, never

i prefer stuff like dream theatre and pink floyd

Well, it may be worth looking into, its a bit like them. Any hoo, I understand you are a moderator. This is a recent happening, right?

yeah, i havent been a mod for that long at all really, tis still kinda new to me

Its an art, ain’t it? 😛 Any big reactions to it when you got asked to be a moderator?

it surprised me a lot, lol, i was well pleased though ^^ am happy to be one

So, how’s it treating you? Any particular rooms you frequent?

lol, chat lag? Iv only ever relly been here and in Arcane coding, i think i like it here best though, tis friendlier, and the people here are amazing 🙂

Yeah… I was reading Penny Arcade in the mean time 🙂 Oh, and here is The Hall of Odin, readers. What got you into The Hall of Odin? Did someone bring you in here?

lol, silly lag…. I think Valkyrie was the one that showed me the hall, and iv been here pretty much ever since, tis great

Oh cool! I didn’t even know that you knew Val. Were you a mod before or after you joined the Odin train?

i think i came into here after i was a mod

Let’s move away from that mod business, shall we? Do you have a favorite game on/off this site?

lol, hmm.. tis a tricky question. imho, i prefer point and clicks, so all the submachines are great, and boomshine and starshine are brilliant too they both have cool music, so are instantly made of awesome

All cool! I will get you a couple cool point and clicks… Synapsis, perchance?

loved it, twas much fun, i like visitor too, other than perhaps the slightly…graphic bits, lol :p that poor poor kitty….

Yeah, the cat *shudder*… Okay, looks like this is winding down… Got anything you like to do outside of kongregate?

lol, when im not in college, i like to go to the swings and climb trees with my mates (lol, childish i know, but i dont plan on growing up just yet) and reading, surfing the net, playing on Kong (of course, lol) and chatting to people iv met online, some much cool people.

What if I were to tell you that I was typing this in a tree?

id be well impressed that the power cord reaches that far, and ask if i can join you up there, doesnt seem too hard to climb up….or i could just fly, either way, lol

Extension cords for the win!

lol! woooo!

Okay, lets give you this time to give some shout outs. Care to?

lol, tis far too many people to shout out to… so i guess its to all the great people in the hall, all my great mates on here, i dont want to listen names, twould take faaar to long and im worried ill miss someone :p Big thanks to Valkyrie though, shes the greatest ^^ I had best go now though, lol, tis 20 to one and i have to get up tomorow, lol ^^ And twas great fun, thanks, a take care getting outta that tree :p

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One Comment on “Friday Feature – Interview with vanilla_dreaming”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    Fantastic insight into the life of a Vanilla Dream. You are the Best Vanilla. You are the rockiest of the lot. w00t.

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