Super Doggy

Super Doggy


This is not a game for cat lovers, let me just start with that right now. The evil lord Claw has ordered all of the cute widdle puppies from Puppy City to be kidnapped and it’s up to you to rescue them. So now that you’re thoroughly dosed up on saccharin let’s get to the game. You play a superhero canine with super powers like flight and super strength. Apparently the dog food in this world is irradiated because when you pick up cans of dog food you earn these powers temporarily. They are automatically activated once you hit the required number so watch for an opportune moment.

The standard arrow keys will move you around the level and the A key lets you jump or land while the S key activates your super powers. Your character moves rather sluggishly and that makes the whole game feel like it’s more or less dragging along. The response time to the keys is really good, I just wish the walking pace wasn’t so slow.

The graphics seem pretty childish at times, but it fits in with the game just fine. The storyline immediately lends itself to a younger audience than what is standard on Kongregate but that’s okay, I think there should be games for all age ranges. The music is just as cutesy as the graphics but it’s suitably “heroistic.” If the music gets on your nerves the game has a mute option. Just click P to get to the game menu then you can change either the quality or turn off all sounds.

7/10. The graphics are decent.

7/10. The gameplay is a little slow but the fun factor is still there.

8/10. Good music and sound effects and there’s a mute option.

8/10. Pretty standard platformer. The superpowers are a nice touch.

7/10. Needs configurable controls or at least WASD options.

Can I has a doggie bag? 7/10

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