Falling Forever

Falling Forever


“I am sorry, but it is in good manner to meet your guests. Fall into the laser, and be polite”
“Is a man not entitled the sweat of is brow? If so, by all means, take the laser as your reward.”
“Suicide is only okay when it is funny.”

You’re apparently entertaining some disembodied voice. He gives you the said words of encouragement. Entertaining him involves a hole in the ground, a small laser on the roof, gravity, bubble things, and sliding on the wall’s to prevent falling quickly to your demise.

Sounds easy. Survive for three minutes while jumping from bubble to bubble in an attempt to stay away from the ground laser? Included are the text that the the voice tells you… survive for 3 minutes and get it to like you. This is a difficult thing to do. The number of bubble quickly decreases. Timing is everything as you struggle to survive. But really, there isn’t much replay. Just try it up again for a score. Keep on the bubbles for as long as possible before jumping to jump as high as possible. That’s just about it…

7/10. Nothing too much really…

7/10. Pop up and up while reading… Interesting!

7/10. There’s the non intense music, that coupled with the pops of bubbles makes decent sound.

9/10. Provide entertainment for a masochistic disembodied voice as you jump and jump and fall and jump.

10/10. Arrow keys and wasd makes doc a happy boy.

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