Acceleration Maze

Acceleration Maze


Portals, deadly walls, a weighted companion ball…no, this isn’t a remake of Portal. Acceleration Maze is a puzzle game that has you maneuvering a ball through various levels in an attempt to reach the end as quickly as possible. Touch the walls along the way and you’ll have to start the level over. It doesn’t sound too tough, but it does get to the point of frustration on a few levels when you don’t decelerate soon enough and end up clipping a corner or a portal.

You can use your arrow keys to move around the level, but as mentioned before you need to stay away from the walls. You also have to deal with moving barriers, portals, and singularities in order to reach your goal. The barriers and portals aren’t too bad, but the singularity can really mess you up at times. Actually, I take that back; there’s one level with a portal that just doesn’t make any logical sense and I found the resolution through sheer dumb luck. Do keep in mind that you have to deal with inertia when you’re running around the levels and that there will be no friction whatsoever, so you do need to brake when approaching a wall or corner.

The music was pretty good, but it can get repetitive. Thankfully there’s a mute button so this isn’t much of an issue. The game environment is pretty static. You have the aforementioned portals and singularities and those have some animation, but there isn’t much else going on. The background and walls look spiffy but they’re the same all the way through the game to the end. A little variety would have been welcomed to mix things up.

7/10. Static backgrounds and not much animation, but well-drawn.

7/10. Inertia will get you on a few levels. Some replay to see if you can’t beat your times.

7/10. Good music, no sound effects. You can mute.

8/10. Ball re-revamped, but still fun.

8/10. Controls are very responsive.

Fun game, especially if you like puzzles. 7/10

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