Death Row

Death Row


Hector Van Daemon is on death row, and is innocent. Now guess who’s job it is to free him? You! You control his life, and it is up to you not to screw it up anymore. Feed him, make him work, buy him stuff, and find evidence to make him a free man. He needs to work himself into the ground before any of them are even options, but it is very rewarding.

Balancing work, his happiness, his rest, and his respect for authorities is a tricky deal. Spent too much on food, and he’ll throw up. Too little and he won’t work at his fullest capabilities. Things like this are ubiquitous through the game. This is all controlled by your mouse, thusly making this a point and click title. A difficult one at that. I had a couple play-throughs and I finally figured out how to free him. Lots of guesswork required.

This is a deep game with tons of options. There are several ways to entertain hector and many more ways to make him angry. An example of getting him in a good mood was to turn off the lights when he was sleeping. All in all, this is a challenging game and you should give it a shot.

9/10. Very good.

8/10. There’s a lot of guessing, but it is fun.

3/10. No music, hardly any sound effects.

9/10. A jail point and click/logic game. Original.

8/10. All mouse.

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2 Comments on “Death Row”

  1. doctormarmalade Says:

    Besides that snippet of sunshine, hector says a lot of awesome things.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    He dies when he pukes, he sure is a wimp. 😉

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