Ah toilet humor, where would the world be without you? I think it would be a pretty crappy place were we to not have the old standby of toilet humor. Yes, it may just seem like you’re flushing away a perfectly good joke, but I would beg to differ. Okay, enough with the bad jokes. Pootris is an excellent puzzle game that combines the fast action of Tetris with the planning of Pipe Dream and the result is exceedingly fun.

Just like with any good Tetris game, use your arrow keys to maneuver your pipe pieces around the screen. Left and right move the piece accordingly while up rotates it and down causes it to descend rapidly. The goal is to create a complete line from the left side of the screen to the right. Every time you create a link your character will flush and all of the blocks in the chain will be flushed along with one of the kids you’ve dropped off at the pool. If there happen to be any bonuses floating around below the screen your little “donation” will pick them up and activate them accordingly. Don’t worry about open links, those won’t cause any problems. The other trick is if you have multiple pipes connected on the right you’ll get a lot more points.

The graphics are pretty basic, though things can get amusing when your character’s face changes from yellow to green all the way to purple. There’s not a lot going on in terms of animation, but this is essentially Tetris so what can you really expect? As you can imagine, there are all sorts of delightful sound effects that accompany the various actions in this game. There is also a great Tetris remix song playing in the background and you can mute it if the music isn’t to your liking.

7/10. Not much to complain about the graphics. There’s animation but some variety in the graphics would have been welcome.

9/10. A veritable crap-load of replay value here!

8/10. Spiffy music and there’s a mute!

8/10. Boy needs some fiber! Assuming you can get beyond the subject, this is a great mix between Tetris and Pipe Dream.

8/10. Arrow keys make this pretty simple.

You should go play this before your game list gets all backed up with other stuff. 8/10

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