Friday Feature – Interview with Bobo82

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

So Bobo, what’s the story behind the username?
lol ok, well first off I am NOT a dude called Bob O. Its the name of Mr. Burn’s teddy bear from The Simpsons. πŸ˜›
Heh, that’s a classic episode. But truth be told, I always think of Bobo the clown. No offense.
Yeah yeah, and the game on Kong with bobo the hobo hasn’t helped my street cred much either πŸ˜›

I can imagine not. Now I’m going to have to link that game in the interview. Thanks πŸ™‚ Okay, so how long have you been a mod for?
lol well I wasn’t going to make this easy for you now was I πŸ˜› (and yes I really really overuse the πŸ˜› smilie). Um about a month I think.

Ah, fresh meat! So what do you find interesting about the Kongregate community? Why this site over other flash sites?
You said it right there, it’s the community aspect I love. I’ve been a gamer for a long time now (yes a girl gamer, we do exist but only in the shadows :P) and I’ve tried a few sites in my time. Kong was the only one I really got chatting on though.

I still never understood why they took Sheriff Lobo off the air… What about your favorite game? Or genre?
Oooo ok, I have a few faves, I’m a big fan of the puzzle/platformer style, things like Chronotron and M.I.L.O. I also like Monsters Den, reminds my of my early years playing Baldur’s Gate πŸ™‚
Early years? Man, you are young. I was playing that after college XD

But enough about me being a geezer. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Sorry, don’t understand the question, spare time? What’s that? Well at the moment I’m writing up a thesis so I spend pretty much all of my time on the computer like the true hardcore geek that I am. When I DO get 5 minutes to myself I try and get some skiing in if I can though.
Water or snow?
Snow and dry slope, not much snow in the UK 😦

Mind the rocks, then. All right, you mentioned school. What do you want to do if you grow up? πŸ˜›
Not going to grow up, ever so ner ner ner. I’m about to start yet another degree, although my parents have threatened to disown me if I do another one after that :P. I plan on starting a real job about 5 years before retirement.

Good way to elude debt, that. Right then, you have one wish. What would you wish for?
World peace? hmm no too corny…Kong peace? hmm actually, what I would really really REALLY like, is a nice little group of subjects to let me play with their DNA. (no I’m not a weirdo I’m a geeky geneticist :P)
Or Sonny 2 to be released, that would be acceptable too πŸ˜›

Oh yeah, definitely acceptable. …Weirdo πŸ˜€ How about music? What do you get your groove on with?
lol nice, pot, kettle black there on the weirdo front dude :P. Music, ok, yeah this is just going to make me sound even more weird. I have a rather eclectic taste, I really like some of the old bluesy stuff like Nina Simone but i have a dark secret passion for cheesy rock, Lordi ftw!

Way to ramp up the weirdo factor, lady. At least you’re not into hair bands. Okay, so what sort of advice would you offer to people that want to be moderators?
Um…take the second star on the left and fly on till morning and you will meet the mod fairy. Or alternatively be nice, pleasant, help people out whenever you can and someday you will be interviewed for ACKK too. πŸ˜›

Oh the horror! Okay, any parting words of wisdom?
Parting words maybe, containing wisdom…probably not :P. Be nice to each other and if you cant be nice learn to use the mute button. Oh and cooooeeee hiya! waves to the HoO people πŸ™‚

And in case you couldn’t guess, Bobo82 hangs out in the Hall of Odin and she’s on +/- 0 GMT. We’re not going to speculate what else she’s on, though ^^

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6 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with Bobo82”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    Interesting interview. Bobo, How did you come across of kongregate? And how often are you on?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is she really a mod?
    She does not have the “Holier than thou” moditude.

  3. thalarion Says:

    She hasn’t been jaded by the job yet, apparently.

  4. meisme Says:

    Very nice interview. Bobo82, the little time that I had spent with you online has taught me to respect you.

    And what is wrong with hair bands? They are so awesome that even men have them these days.

  5. thalarion Says:

    Hair bands like Poison and Motley Crue…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Sure! A girl gamer called Bobo! Come on It is a guy! Everyone knows that guys pretend to be a girl so they can have the attention on the internet!

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