Typing Ninja Hunter

Typing Ninja Hunter


The entirety of this review was typed over the course of twenty seconds.

Welcome to tying ninja hunter, the game that tasks you with your typing skills as your only weapon of defense against *gasp* THE NINJAS! Yes, type the four letter words above their heads to make them die. The onslaught of ninjas is to be fended off from the temple you guard. There are also spells you can use to impede your attackers. These are used by pressing 1,2, or 3 when you have enough “Rage”. Build rage by killing ninjas. The more you kill, the faster you kill, the more rage.

There are also RPG elements, seen in the shop after you pass a stage. Upgrade, heal, and power up there. Begin the next stage when you are finished. Oh, and before you can advance to the next stage, once all of your frontal field is clear, you will be put into a quick action cutscene. Its usually “press the spacebar 30 times in ten seconds” or something like “press Up down left up down spacebar left down up down” over the course of 3 seconds. Hard to do.

I can guarantee that this game will keep you entertained. Easy to learn, blisteringly hard to master. If you have ever played “typing of the dead”(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Typing_of_the_Dead, you importer you) Then this will come as a welcome zombie slaying game. Play well, my friend, and remember to keep some ice for those knuckles

10/10. You can really tell by the art and the colors that this game had a lot of work put into it.

10/10. Type, type, quick reaction cutscene, buy stuff, type faster, ducttape your knuckles back onto your hand.

10/10. Hard to explain, but it really complements the typing.

10/10. Type like a machine gun to survive in a ninja infested temple.

10/10. Letters and arrow keys, what more could one want?

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2 Comments on “Typing Ninja Hunter”

  1. venzael Says:

    Hm, I thought the instructions needed work and needed something to keep me glued. It feels like a work in progress, but it’s definitely coming along.

  2. w00t Says:

    Granted this is not a game as good as you claimed.

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