Warfare Transporter

Warfare Transporter


The life of a war profiteer isn’t an easy one. You’re just trying to make a buck off of the pain and suffering of others but all of these guys are trying to take you out to prevent you from supplying weapons to their enemies. Don’t they know you have a family to feed? Heh, I’ll step down off of my soapbox for now. In Warfare Transporter you’re moving weapons across dangerous waters and enemy subs, planes, and balloons are out to make your life absolutely miserable. Dodge the projectiles and destroy the enemies or be destroyed yourself.

Using your mouse you can cruise back and forth across the screen and fire your cannon at enemies passing overhead or drop mines on the submarines traveling underwater. Trajectories play a large role in this game and you’ll have to plan accordingly to make sure you’ll hit your target. If you are cruising forwards or backwards your shots will be angled in the same direction and your trajectory will be even greater. If you’re really good you can shoot enemy gunfire out of the sky though that doesn’t net you a lot of points. Also watch out for your own gunfire as that can kill you just as surely as enemy fire can.

As you probably already know, we’re big fans of Mateusz’s work. His graphics style is just plain awesome and this game is no exception. It looks like pretty much everything was done in watercolor and there’s a real old-fashioned style to the map and the game itself. Whats also great is just the style of the ships and enemies; they’re all slightly deformed and some of the best features get exaggerated because of this. It makes for a great game to look at.

The lack of audio is pretty much the norm for Mateusz’s games. He instead opts for ambient noise like wind or engine sounds to be the “music” and he makes up for it with the graphics and the gameplay. The sound effects are pretty excellent here, with very convincing explosions and shot sounds. The one thing I would have liked to hear is sounds for the mines getting dropped. Sounds can and do travel underwater so why not in the game?

9/10. Watercolors abound!

8/10. Early levels are easy but later levels really ramp up the difficulty.

7/10. No music, but some cool ambient effects.

8/10. Cool concept and implementation.

8/10. As always, mouse wins!

Fun game for the first few levels but frustration will set in around level 4. 8/10

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