Mystic Hunter

Mystic Hunter


Be warned that this game is buggy and that I’m reviewing it on the merits of the game I was able to play. Once you get to the medallion you’ll find that you can’t progress any further, though. The premise of this game is that you’re in a castle and you have to find the treasures in order to escape. You’re presented with a variety of puzzles that require the use all sorts of skills to solve them. This game is going to be a great play for anyone that likes puzzlers.

You control the game by using your mouse. Click on items to add them to your inventory then click and drag them from your inventory to use them on the screen. Keyboard controls for moving the screen would have been helpful. As it is, you’ll have to move your mouse to the edge of the screen to move around. And like all point & click games, click on anything that looks like it may even be remotely interesting or you won’t get very far.

The graphics remind me of most every other excellent point and click game out there, but the game environment does suffer as a result. There are no real animations to speak of and we end up with a static world that feels like you’re looking through a magazine rather than exploring a creepy castle. I would have liked to see some little animations here and there to add life to the game. On the other hand, the music is excellent. There’s a music player built into the game that automatically rotates through a variety of songs, though I wish I could force the game to play just one song instead of rotating through again and again. Despite this I found the music to be a good selection and mostly appropriate to the game. And if you don’t like the music you can always go into the menu and mute it.

9/10. Graphics are nice and shiny.

3/10. Great game until you reach the buggy medallion.

9/10. Excellent audio, but would like to be able to control the songs better.

8/10. Love the point & click genre and this game is no exception.

8/10. All mouse, baby!

Were the dev to update this game to fix the bugs it would be a really great game. 7/10

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