Sumo Slam

Sumo Slam


Here we have Sumo slam, a game that tasks you with throwing your enemy sumo wrestlers off a cliff.

The game is very physics based, so expect lots of bouncing around. The enemy sumo wrestlers have a lot of fury. As the game progresses, they become more aggressive. They throw themselves at you with the speed and momentum of a train. They hit you, and according to newton’s third law, both of you bounce back. Take what I just said and multiply it by 3, because you face three enemies at once. It gets really hectic… throw one enemy off, then the next, and another.

This entails some fun moments. Though a key of the game is bouncing, you will always feel like you have control over your sumo. Use the arrow keys to control him. The physics are a little off, with one hit to the side sending you spiraling off the stage. But alas, this is a good game, despite all the little things…

7/10. Nothing special.

8/10. Throw yourself at the opponents for maximum fun!

7/10. No sound effects, but has a nice soundtrack.

8/10. Be a sumo wrestler, and run around the ring!

8/10. Arrow keys.

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