Friday Feature – Interview with SevenofSpades

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Today’s we are interviewing SevenofSpades. Yes WE. Joining me in this interview is Valkyrie from the Hall of Odin.

Hello Val! Welcome SevenOfSpades

Valkyrie: Hey Thal. Thanks. Hello SevenofSpades

SevenOfSpades : Hello. This is interesting. Hi Val.

Thalarion: So Seven, we had a user-submitted question asking about the origins of your name. Care to clue us in?

SevenOfSpades :Well, most of the names I’ve ever come up since 13 have all kind of bled into one another. A very long time ago I made up this character named Roland Smith for this Medieval (not Fantasy, there were no goblins or wenches or Goblins hitting on wenches), and then that character evolved into a billion different names, and then I had a phase with the MMO city of heroes

When I left the game I had an Idea of a Superhero who was sort of a cross between Gambit, Incredible Hulk and Date from Devil May Cry. Being he was all about reckless luck and energy and what have you, I figured I name him after a card
Ace of Spades – too obvious.
Jack of __ – Unless I’m naming him Jack, it would’ve been silly so I hit on SevenofSpades, a name which combined a nice alliteration with that underdog quality that no one really thinks of that card.
pause And that pretty much answers that question in 3 million words or less.

Valkyrie: Lol. I read that as wrenches. That ought to be fun. Interesting Concept Seven. (May I call you Seven?). How did you come across Kongregate and how long have you been a member?

SevenOfSpades :I came across Kongregate back in 2007, a year where gas in America was around 3 dollars a gallon and I bumped into a message from Evil-Dog on his Punk-o-matic page on Newgrounds

in short he said that he was releasing a special Version of P.O.M and wanted people to vote for it on Kongregate.
_I’m allowed to mention newgrounds right? I wont be called a heretic?

Thalarion: Burn him!

Valkyrie: We tie people to the stake and burn for that here.

Thalarion: All kidding aside, how long have you been a mod for? Sounds like a good long time.

SevenOfSpades : I’ve been a mod, interestingly enough, as long as my cousin’s been married. which is actually just about one year to date. A full year, not one of those loose I’ve coursed middle earth in 9 moons kind of year.

Full years are over rated. I personally prefer Martian years. What were your first reactions to being nominated as a moderator in Kongregate?
In all honesty, I didn’t even know I was nominated as a Mod until, well, I became a mod. I got a shout one day from Koko saying “oh, I nominated you as a mod, [Insert giggle here]” and then I was just telling myself “…huh.” Mind you, I’ve had an account on Kongregate less than 2 months before I was nominated so I thought it was some kind of prank….or at least a misunderstanding of sorts.
::shrugs:: I guess she really liked me.

Thalarion: Koko and giggling. Those two go together like ham & cheese 😛 Yay for bad metaphors! Okay, I’d like to hear about your favorite game?

SevenOfSpades : My favorite game on Kongregate? The World? With Coffee? Only needing one hand?

On Kongregate 🙂
Well if it’s Kongregate, I really tend toward several different games, I can’t say I have one end all favorite.
I love Drunken Masters, a quaint little adventure which explores what would happen if you took Tom Cruise from Cocktail and decided to give him Tony Hawk capabilities, not limiting to throwing 500 bottles in the air and not breaking a single one, not matter how hard you throw it. Caravaneer is also fun, watching what would happen if the word happened to dry and up and all you had are 12 AP to save the world…and 40 Mercenaries armed with Military Armor and Rocket Launchers.
What sort of games do you like? Which badge did you enjoy the most?
I lean toward the Adventure and RPG games mostly cause I’ve been raised on them since I was a little Spade (I mean I install my SNES just to play Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 US). Though, it being a flash game site, I also like the simple instant gratification games. Namely the music games. Coolio_Niato has plenty which I like…which I wont look in my My Favorites tab right now cause somehow I think Thal would resent me for it. ::looks towards Thal::
Thalarion: Huh, what? No, of course not 😛

Valkyrie: Do you have an affinity towards any particular game Developer?

SevenOfSpades : Game developers though, I find a few to be fairly consistent with what I’m looking for. Coolio_Niato, I mentioned earlier, will nearly always have a decent rhythm based game hidden in production in some underground bunker near the center of the earth that I will love. Weasel and Diseased Productions also has plenty of good work I’ve taken a liking too. (The Thing-Thing series, namely) Although it did feel like with the fourth installment the gameplay came off a little more like a Console Game than I’d like. Joining the 80% of shooters who removed health bars from their mechanics – let me know if I’m scaring you any, I’ll understand.

Thalarion : Nah, you’re good thus far. Okay, what do you feel would help you in your work as a moderator?

SevenOfSpades : Right now I think My Banning-Basshammer made by Ibanez gets the job done. I have plenty of people private message asking for my Batman-esque assisstance in a room i’ve never been to before, but Probably the one thing I would really like to have is some way to have an automated warning system, which you could access similar to the way you’d ban someone.

You could put in bold text standing out for just that user and it will come more far more official than a Robocop making an arrest, letting the user know that he’s being a bad boy and will be smacked really hard in the face with a BANjo if he doesn’t calm the hell down.
::thinking:: That and perhaps some sort of system that allows you to watch over another room without physically being there or needing a second account. (which I don’t have), and gives you automated messages if someone is spamming or using too much cussing, which then you could go in and alleviate the problem.

Valkyrie: The warning system sounds like a great idea. You might want to pass that to the admins. What is the flip side of being a moderator?

SevenOfSpades : I’d say it’s the situations similar to what happens when you put a cop in the same room who hates the very idea of cops and peace-keeping people. Sure, as a mod, many people and respect you and love what you do and shower you with Jolly Rancher candies and Bazooka Joe bubble gum for what you do, but when you come across someone who just hates Mods and then flame directly at you. It becomes a a challenge to keep you calm from breaking and just unleashing on the guy. Regardless of whether or not he deserved it, it always bothers me when I do that because I know that someone picked me as a mod knowing that I would be acting better than that and not bickering over such trivial stuff….sorry if that came off as a ramble.

Thalarion: Nah, that’s totally fine. Heck, sounds like how my mind works. What would you like people to take away from this interview?

SevenOfSpades : That I am utterly and completely Insane.

Valkyrie: Apart from the obvious truths Seven..?

Thalarion: Sweet.

::laughs:: I don’t think I could really make any more clearer of a moral to the story. Be good Kong users, shower me with compliments, and I can be a pretty nice guy when you’re not u51ng 1337 5p34k in my face or anything like that.
Insanity is a blessing that clears the mind of unwanted stuff. Someone is sticking a pencil into my ribs telling me that the interview is heading to a close.

Valkyrie: Ok. last question Seven. Make that two, what do you prefer to be called in Kongregate? And how do you spend your time when you are not on Kong?

SevenOfSpades : On Kong, you may call me Seven. entombor2 likes to call me Sauce, and I’ve taken a liking to that name as well so I guess you can call me that too. No SoS, I am not a reference to a Police Song…nor am I the focus of a telegrammed distress signal. As for me not on Kong, I have my Indie-Rock-pop-Alternative-[Insert Random Genre to make it funnier here] Band, which is right at this second on pause cause one of our members is away on tour with another hardcore-Angry-metal…some such band. But we are working on a CD, and I promise to market myself as much as human possible to everyone on Kong as soon as it’s done.

Thalarion: Thank you for taking the time to interview, I really appreciate it.

SevenOfSpades : No problem

Valkyrie: Thank you for spending some time with us for the Interview SevenofSpades. I enjoyed it. We look forward to that CD.

SevenOfSpades : You are more than welcome Val & Thal. Gee that Rhymes.

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  1. doctormarmalade Says:

    Oooh, colors!

  2. Valkyrie Says:

    That is what you get when you let and Idle woman fiddle with the blog.

  3. l33tg4mer Says:

    You dont have a second account? yeah right!!!

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