Cursor Attack 3

Cursor Attack 3


We’ve all played mouse avoider games, haven’t we? Well, this game puts a twist on that. You have to avoid obstacles, like in any mouse avoider game, but you have to shoot targets, like in an action game. As I played on, the difficulty increased and I had to face harder challenges. It’s a puzzle, action and a shooting game. Crazy combination for a crazy game.

The game has some nice graphics and good animations, big improvements from the previous games. The backgrounds are pretty basic, though. A background with some moving features that move with the mouse would have been good. Because this game uses the mouse, when I move the mouse out of the game screen to do something else, my mouse keeps vanishing on me. It makes it very hard to know what I’m trying to click on. Quite annoying, really.

In terms of gameplay, the game starts off simple, but gets harder. The game may seem like some sort of asteroid clone at the start, but it becomes much more than that in later levels. There’s a pong level and a few mouse avoider levels. Later levels do seem very hard, but can be completed. Still, though, I think the levels are well made. The different targets make this game fun and difficult.

The music and sounds are very good. No need for improvement there.

7/10. Good graphics and animations, but the backgrounds were too simple and boring.

10/10. Fun and challenging.

10/10. Great music and a good choice of sounds.

10/10. Definately a brilliant twist on mouse avoider games and shooting games.

8/10. Mouse to move, click to shoot. Simple. Hated how my mouse vanished when I moved it out of the game area.

Overall, the game gets 9/10. Great improvements and challenges in the game. The backgrounds could use a bit of work, however. Still, though, it’s a fantastic game. Worth playing.

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