Mobile Weapon Zero

Mobile Weapon Zero


Explore the world of Sios, meet new and interesting enemies, then blow them up. Today we’re going to take a look at an admittedly older game that’s still pretty fun nonetheless. Mobile Weapon Zero is one of the first releases by TYLERProjects and I have to admit it was a pretty impressive start. The premise is that you’re a Mobile Adaptive Weapon (MAW) pilot, which is a fancy term for mech, and your goal is to travel to the wastelands and defeat the Marauder boss. As the dev says, there are three secret items along the way that aren’t too difficult to get, just moderately time-consuming.

Navigation through this island world is accomplished by clicking, lots and lots of clicking. There are shortcut keys for pretty much every action except for movement and talking, but usually it’s quicker and easier just to stick with the mouse. Now speaking of talking, you will want to make sure that you talk to everyone. There are a few key people that will give you some very cool items and if you don’t talk to people you’ll never find them. Now if only the final weapon animations didn’t take so long…which brings up another point. Each weapon has energy requirements and blades will always recharge faster than guns but will always do less damage than a gun of equivalent level.

The world is a pretty shiny place, yet rather…unanimated. The battles look really impressive until you realize that there’s only a few animations for the entire game. But beyond that minor point the game does look quite nice. There are different effects for each weapon though the only thing that will change with your armor is your hit points. Different color palettes would have been a welcome addition. Yes, I’m aware that many of these things are addressed in the sequel but that isn’t up on Kongregate yet, is it? 🙂

The music and sound effects are really quite good. You can indeed mute them if they aren’t up your alley but besides that you can certainly enjoy the music. The towns and hostile areas have different music tracks, providing a good audio indicator as to when you pass from one area to the next. The sound effects are well-suited to the battles and are pretty convincing, quite frankly.

8/10. Could use more animation, but still looks good.

7/10. Grind, grind, grind!

8/10. Good work on the music and sound effects.

7/10. It’s an RPG, but with mechs.

7/10. Even though there are keyboard controls mouse is really the way to go with this.

This was a fun game to play, even if you can get through it in two hours or so. Definitely can’t wait for the sequel to get uploaded. And kudos to the dev for including the API! 7/10

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