Teleporter Twins

Teleporter Twins


You ever play those puzzle games where no possible leap of logic could have lead you to the solution? You sit there wondering how in the world the developer thought that this combination of moves/actions would have been conceived of by the player. Or perhaps there’s a sequence of events that have to happen that you never would have guessed given all the time in the world. Well fortunately Teleporter Twins is nothing like that. There’s only one solution to each level but given time and patience the solution becomes obvious.

There are a bunch of different control options for this game, including the arrow keys, A and D, and the mouse. You use the arrows and A and D to move the blocks left and right and the space to move between selectable objects. Unfortunately the space button doesn’t work as well as it should so you end up using the mouse. Only problem with the mouse is that you go to select a block and you end up moving a block instead. So yeah, the controls could use a little tweaking to get them working correctly.

On a further downside, there’s no music for this game and minimal sound effects. There’s also no mute but considering the lack of sound I don’t see this as a very big issue. Now the other thing you’ll notice is there isn’t much going on with the graphics. In fact, they look downright simplistic. Again, this isn’t a big deal as the focus here is really on the gameplay but I wouldn’t mind seeing some better graphics on the next update.

6/10. Pretty simple graphics and not much for animations, but it works nicely.

7/10. Not much replay value unless you’re looking to reduce the number of moves it takes to finish the level.

2/10. Sound effects but no music and no mute.

8/10. A puzzle game that definitely makes you think.

7/10. Obnoxious controls at times, unfortunately. Space doesn’t always seem to work.

If you like puzzle games you’re going to love this one. 6/10

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