Mini PuTT 3

Mini PuTT 3


I’ll be unabashedly honest here; minigolf is a great date activity. It’s difficult to be serious when you’re playing this game and you both just get to be yourselves and goof off around the course. Mini PuTT 3 is not a game you should play for a date, but it’s still a fun way to spend some time. Drop the ball on the putting green, take aim, set your power, then go to town. A nice feature added to this game is the hotseat option, allowing for up to four players on one game. If you want to go dutch, you most certainly can 🙂

Everything’s done by the mouse here, which is pretty much just dropping, aiming, and shooting. You can scroll the screen to get more power but if you make your shot too powerful you will shoot right over the hole. Make it too weak and you’ll either not make it over obstacles or fall short of your goal. Use banking to your advantage to make birdies or even hole-in-one shots.

The first several versions of this game weren’t much to look at but psychogoldfish has done some work on the graphics and this game looks considerably improved over the first one. There are even some animations so that’s an added bonus. Unfortunately there’s still no music and I think the game could use some. The sound effects are nearly non-existant and there’s no mute so you’re stuck listening to the ball drop into the hole and the other few effects you may encounter along the way.

8/10. A vast improvement over the previous games.

7/10. Some replay value, but not a lot of it.

3/10. Needs music and a mute.

7/10. Minigolf = good times.

8/10. All mouse, alright.

Worth a play if you have five minutes to spare. 7/10

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