Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars


Aliens Must Die is a Kongregate-Exclusive game that pits you, a solo pilot, against hordes of aliens that resemble asteroids, jellyfish, and other oddities. Your co-pilot Annie is there to advise you, pester you, and warn you that you’re taking a beating. Do your best to dodge the enemy, but that won’t be an easy task… Fly around the levels to earn multipliers and weapon, health, and shield upgrades. Every few levels a new enemy gets introduced and you’ll have to learn a new style of gameplay to combat this foe.  As a note, you gather debris (the circles compose of triangles) to release gears that allow you to upgrade your weaponry.  This gets to be pretty important so keep gathering that debris as often as possible

The movement reminds me of a spasmodic person trying to bust some funky moves on the dance floor while hopped up on pixie sticks and Red Bull. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not too fond of the controls. You zoom around the level at the slightest touch of the button and considering the sheer number of enemies you’re facing by level 5 this can cause some serious complications. Sitting still won’t work either as there are enemies that shoot at you and others that just try to ram you. Besides that, you won’t be able to pick up the powerups as they end up getting scattered all over the screen. The control issue has been fixed and now you glide around the screen and can turn and stop on a dime.  This makes for a considerably better playing experience and I was able to get a lot further in the game that I ever could before.  Kudos to the devs for fixing this rather critical issue.   Another redeeming thing about this is if you press “P” you can go into the options menu and turn on autofire so all you have to do is aim.

The ships, background, animations…well, pretty much everything visual with this game is just plain awesome. There’s tons of detail and enemies galore. Even the bullets are multi-toned; how cool is that? The background is static but there are two layers so it gives the impression of some animations going on back there. Now as to the music, there’s some very nice music involved though it does have a “Doctor Who” quality to it. The sound effects are nicely suited to the game and nothing really sticks out as not fitting in with the style.

10/10. Really nice and shiny graphics.

7/10. Lots of repetition.

8/10. Excellent audio options provided.

6/10. Well, it’s definitely a defense game.

8/10. Flail=fail. MUCH smoother controls now.  This game is considerably more enjoyable thanks to the change.

Yeah, it’s another defense game. Still pretty fun despite that. 8/10

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2 Comments on “Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the review.

    Just to let you know, the issue wth the controls has been fixed and it should be much more controlable now.


  2. thalarion Says:

    Somehow I just can’t see LAG leaving that kind of message about his own game.

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