Covert Front: Episode 1

Covert Front: Episode 1


First things first! The year is 1911 and you are a spy/girl/main character. You are to infiltrate the home of a big German scientist. This calls for, you guessed it, a point and click adventure/puzzler. There is no voice acting or sound effects, which is quite the bummer. The game itself is only about 10 minutes long, provided that your clicking skills are up to snuff.

Speaking of snuff and being up to it, this game is rather worthy of playing. The atmosphere of the game is dark. There are blood stains in one room of the house, suggesting the scientist has committed suicide recently. There is a sequel this game (And you thought the “episode: 1” was just for show.:) ) , which I have yet to play. With that said, I will be playing it, because I want more of this game… The ending is a tad abrupt, but that shouldn’t bother too much.

9/10. Very appealing, with dark colors and good art design.

8/10. Not to much new here if you are a point and click gamer, but the puzzles are very reasonable.

7/10. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy, but a lack of even the most simple sound effects brings down the score.

8/10. Infiltrate the German officer’s house with your point and click abilities!

8/10. ::click::

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