Earth Defense

Earth Defense


The moon…bringer of tides, illuminator of nights, favorite action of college pranksters. And now it defends Earth as well. Take to the skies to prevent asteroids and satellites from slamming into Earth by slamming the moon into them first. Upgrade the speed and size of your moon, recover health for the planet, or decrease the speed of your “enemies” to make it easier to get to everything before you get damaged.

The game is controlled entirely by the mouse. Enemies will come in from all angles and at varying speeds, but you really need to worry most about the ones going fast and\or heading straight for Earth. The ones making a larger arc around the screen won’t get away, they’re just taking a different path to their goal. Once all of the enemies have been destroyed or have smashed into your planet you get a quick break to upgrade. I noticed that the size of your moon stops increasing about level 12 to 14, so don’t burn points on that as you only get one per level.

There are a few animations here, but nothing of real note. Earth rotates, so do the asteroids and satellites. Beyond that…well, it looks pretty! There’s also nice, atmospheric music. About the only sound you’re going to hear is the crunch when you slam into an asteroid or when one slams into Earth. Still, nobody’s going to hear you scream in space. Even if they could, they still can mute in the options menu so nyah.

8/10. Good graphics. The depiction of the Man in the Moon was surprisingly accurate.

7/10. Great fun trying to defend the earth from certain doom.

7/10. Good music and sound effects, just not a lot of either.

6/10. Defend your… Yeah we’ve seen this genre before, upgrades and all.

8/10. Mouse, mouse, baby.

Might as well learn about the inevitable apocalypse now rather than later. Next on my to do list, attack huge rockets to the moon. 7/10

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