The Key Master

The Key Master


I know what you’re thinking, didn’t we just review one of these? Yep, we most certainly did. No worries, this one is considerably more challenging than the last typing game we reviewed. For starters, you can have multiple enemies on the screen at once. You also have potions and keys you can pick up during gameplay. Keep at your typing, you can only improve your speed and spelling with repeated play and that’s not a bad thing. Now in terms of controls there just isn’t a lot going on. I mean, you need a fully-functional keyboard and you’ll need to use your mouse on one or two occasions, but mostly it’s about how quickly you can type.

Anyone that’s been reading here for a while knows that I usually have a problem with top-down perspectives on games. There isn’t enough detail and the graphics tend to be pretty lame. And animation? Forget it. Fortunately that’s not the case here as The Key Master is slightly off angle from the top. The graphics are really well done and there’s a lot of nice animation going on here. My one beef with the game is the choice of font. I saw a few words that weren’t readily distinguishable, such as the words sign and sigh and a different font with more spacing would have been really helpful.

The music for this game is pretty slick and you occasionally can hear the deaths of your enemies over the clacking of the keys. Beyond that there’s not a lot going on with the audio. Yeah, you can mute and play your own music if you like and you really won’t be missing out on anything.

8/10. Really detailed for an overhead game. Nice!

7/10. You’re a typing madman…or not.

8/10. Good music and sound effects.

6/10. Meh, it’s still a typing game.

8/10. Being a touch typist has never been so helpful.

While it may be another typing game it is definitely fun. 7/10

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