Bowja the Ninja 2

Bowja the Ninja 2


Okay, so we have a point and click. Seems kinda promising. You’re a ninja that makes strange squeaky sounds that remind you of a baby pig squealing, using your bow to shoot rubber arrows at people. This game is child friendly; nobody dies!

Anyway, your goal is to…well, it doesn’t tell you. But Point-and-Clicks rarely do. Basically, you must utilise the world of clickable items to get into a compound and get out. Scattered around the place are a few easy puzzles (although I think one of them isn’t working correctly…).
Bowja 2 resembles a side-scroller, your character is always visible on the screen, similar to The Visitor. There isn’t much to say about the game itself that you wouldn’t already assume from a Point and Click; it’s just the same old stuff, really.

You’re timed for how long it takes you to beat it (which shouldn’t be too long; it’s rather short) but there’s no stopping the timer if you need to do something else.
Graphics are extremely well done, and animations are very smooth. Sound isn’t without background music and annoying human noises, however there’s no mute.

The main area this game falls down in is gameplay. The game is very typical in terms of point-and-clicks; often you will be clicking somewhere just because you’ve seen this done before, like attacking a drainpipe so it falls and so on. The game is very slow to play. The animations, although well done sadly push up the tedium, as one wrong click causes a painful few seconds watching the ninja tug fruitlessly at a wheel or lever. The main thing that killed this game for me were the bosses. There are two bosses in the game and both of them like to roar at you, causing you to jump in fright or fall in water. Of course, this means you have to get back out of the water or stand back up. This happens every time they roar and they roar after every click you make or every 3 seconds. How very tedious. Completely unnecessary and another reason why you wouldn’t really want to play this again.

This game showed promise at the beginning of the play, however the amount of pointless animation, clichéd Point-and-click tactics and slow game play really brought it down.

10/10. Extremely well done. Animation works, backgrounds are pretty. Basically flawless.

3/10. Appalling. Easy to play, but lacking in all other sections.

6/10. It has sound, but no mute. Character sounds are very annoying.

5/10. Same old, same old.

8/10. You just need the mouse.

Promising game but needs revision.

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