Friday Feature – Interview with Scotti

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Thalarion: So Scotti, you mentioned you’re a consummate geek. Are you in the biz? What does a typical day involve for you?

Scotti: I’m a network administrator for a medium sized non-profit, so my day mostly consists of sitting in front of a computer, making sure everyone can access the data they need to do their jobs.
Unfortunately, we have 11 different sites, so I’m not always at the same location day to day. That’s why I’m usually ALWAYS logged in somewhere, but also usually AFK.

Valkyrie: Ah.. that explains a lot of things.
So congrats on your newborn Scott. How does it feel to be a father again?

Scotti: This is my second kid, but the first one we had while I was working overseas. I was home for the birth (and the conception, of course), but spent the first year and a half of his life running around Southwest Asia.
This one I’ve been here the whole time… and I can honestly say I miss Kuwait…
Ok.. maybe not MISS Kuwait. 😉
Anyway, I’m a very proud dad. My wife is amazing (she’d have to be put up with me AND my offspring), and my 4.5 yr old is going to be a great big brother ( so he keeps telling me… can’t get him to touch a dirty diaper)

Thalarion: Oh the joys of infants and bigger brothers 😛 All right, in regards to Kongregate what do you feel is the biggest draw for you?

Scotti: Without a doubt, the community that is developing! I’ve met some really interesting people, ranging from the administration to regular users. I also really like that it feels like it’s still in the planning stages
Oh, and there’s some games to play, I hear!

Valkyrie: The Admins, Moderators, and the majority of the users seem to be very passionate and dedicated to Kongregate. Would you agree? And if so what brings about such deep feelings about Kongregate?

Scotti: Again I’d have to say it’s the sense of community that makes people feel so strongly about protecting it… or in some cases tearing it down. For many of the Kommunity (did I just coin a new word?), it’s more than just a random group of people on a website. Most everyone has a room that they enjoy the feel of…
and/or a group of regulars that they like to room-hop with.

Thalarion: Kommunity…nice. So how many Star Trek jokes regarding your name do you hear on average? 🙂

Scotti: Surprisingly few, especially from the regulars. The TRUE Trekkies know that the beloved engineer on the original show was named “Scotty”, and most everyone else doesn’t make the connection. I still get the occasional “beam me up, Scotti!! LOL”, but the joke usually dies right there.

Valkyrie: Montgomery Scott was quite a capable engineer. And you seem to have his Jeans. :P. Has Kongregate in any way changed you?

Scotti: Hmm, that’s an interesting question. I don’t really think it has, to be honest. I probably spend a little more time than is healthy working on the latest badges, or chatting with people in Sanctuary, but for the most part, I’m still the same person. Those that know me IRL can attest that I really can be just as grumpy…

Thalarion: Sanity’s over-rated. I’m curious about what brought you to Kong in the first place.

Scotti: I was afraid you’d ask me something like that. I have no clear recollection of when I initially created an account, or why. I just looked at my favorite games, and one of the first ones was Desktop Tower Defense, which I’m pretty sure was the first game I played here.

Valkyrie: Scotti, tell us about your moderating style.

Scotti: I’ve been dealing with online communities for quite a while; forums, chat rooms, online games, etc. I have very low tolerance for people that I recognize as having an agenda that focuses on ruining other people’s enjoyment.
I give a warning to people that are in the “questionable” or “newbie” category, but when an account that was created that day starts spamming or trolling immediately, I’ll ban them right away.
Usually for the minimum one hour, but longer for repeat offenders, or ban evasions.

Thalarion: Yeah, I tend to come down pretty hard on ban dodgers myself. Okay, how about the perennial favorite; what advice do you have to offer aspiring mods?

Scotti: Aspire higher.
No, no, no… ok, I was asked to be a moderator about 6 months before I finally accepted. I just didn’t want the headache that came with it. But as Kongregate gets more and more popular, inevitably it’s going to need to be moderated.
Those that are foolish enough to want to help shape the community should be as active and helpful as possible both in the chat rooms and the forums, and start building their reputation as a solid member.
Repeatedly asking to be a moderator pretty much assures that you won’t.

Valkyrie: yeah.. Not a good way to gun for Greg’s Chair if you are aspiring. One last question Scotti. As a parent, what do you think of Kongregate and the relevance and influence it has on children today?

Scotti: In the past few months I’ve been a moderator, I’ve had the opportunity to see how “children” interact with the “Kommunity”, and it hasn’t been a great experience, in my opinion. In this context I’m referring to those “children” that are not of the legally required age (13), yet create accounts here anyway. Quite simply, they don’t have the social skills to interact here, and almost always wind up becoming an issue.
Scotti: Now, as they mature emotionally and intellectually, I’ve seen and had some GREAT discussions with kids 13-16 years old, and think that experience is very positive, both for them and for Kongregate.

Valkyrie: Thanks for the insight Scotti.
We appreciate you taking the time.

Thalarion: Definitely. Thanks for the time and we’ll see you around 🙂

Scotti: No problem, thanks for deeming me interesting enough to interview!
Scotti normally hangs out in Sanctuary and, as mentioned, he can be found throughout the day.

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8 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with Scotti”

  1. valkyrie Says:

    And that was my last contribution to this Blog!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to ask Scotti what his issue with Role playing is.

  3. none Says:

    Scotti.. why do you have a problem with RP?

  4. thalarion Says:

    I’ll go ahead and point Scotti to this but the issue of Role Playing has actually been a bit of a topic for the mods lately. Put simply, every mod is going to have their own style of moderation and each room is going to have a different atmosphere created by the users in that room. In general, Role Playing is disruptive to chat to the point that it inhibits actual conversation. Now since the purpose of those rooms is specifically to chat we don’t like to see anything that inhibits people’s ability to do so. There is a Role Playing room specifically for people to have extended RP sessions and we’re having talks about creating another.

  5. Scotti Says:

    My biggest problem with role playing is that it’s “enjoyed” by a minority of the people in a room that isn’t designated for that purpose. It’s usually only 3-5 people (out of the 50-60 other users plus 30-40 guests), and it usually gets to the point that it’s at the very least annoying and prevents anyone else from being able to chat. At worst it becomes vulgar and/or offensive, and has to be shut down.

    Emoting is fine, in small doses. If the entire conversation consists of *falls down*, *rips isaac to shreds*, *liks leskus face*, *gives purp cat nip*… these are real conversations I’m seeing right now … then it’s role playing. When a new user joins this, it can be quite confusing, and more often than not, if they complain, the RPers ridicule or shun them. It’s not what Kongregate is about, and needs to kept to it’s own area.

  6. none Says:

    But if a room is ok with it then what difference does it make if it is designated as RP or not?

  7. thalarion Says:

    Quite frankly it’s a sore spot with a lot of moderators. It doesn’t contribute to the conversation and it makes it difficult to watch the chat and play a game at the same time. Like Scotti said, emoting is fine. It’s the full-blown RP that gets old. And remember the posted site rules:

    Don’t role-play in non-role-playing rooms Seriously, it’s really annoying to the rest of us. It’s fine if you want to briefly convey an idea with a pseudo-action (“hugging” as a greeting, “exploding” as expressing excitement, etc.), but going into elaborate, novel-length descriptions of how you’re wielding your bazooka against another member while dodging his onslaught of ninja shurikens and rubbing your body against the only female in the room can really get on everyone’s nerves. We have a chat room on the site designated for role-playing; please use it. Note that members must actively switch to this room, and they will never be automatically placed into it.

    Like they say, there is a room for this. Use it.

  8. Scotti Says:

    since the anonymous person apparently didn’t read what I said… I’ll just say it again:

    My biggest problem with role playing is that it’s “enjoyed” by a minority of the people in a room that isn’t designated for that purpose. It’s usually only 3-5 people (out of the 50-60 other users plus 30-40 guests), and it usually gets to the point that it’s at the very least annoying and prevents anyone else from being able to chat. At worst it becomes vulgar and/or offensive, and has to be shut down.

    Furthermore, unless you have a way to get input from EVERYONE in the room, you can’t really say the room is “ok with it”. You have no way of knowing how many people are “ok with it”, especially if someone auto-joins the room, and that’s the first thing they see. They may decide that Kongregate is not the place for them, based on the role playing.

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