Doctor Zed

Doctor Zed


So as the story goes, apparently you left a virus under a volatile substance and this substance turns your little virus into a nasty bug that goes and infects a bunch of levels. The game starts out pretty easy, but later levels get pretty tedious. The basic premise is to run around blasting the virii with medical-themed Tic-Tacs. What’s the lesson of this game? That’s right, drugs can fix any mistake; you just have to throw enough at the problem.

First things first, the instructions for the controls on Kongregate suck. So much so that the author had to create a YouTube video on how to play his game. That doesn’t bode well for ready acceptance of this title. Let me see if we can’t break this down a bit. You can move your character around with the WSAD or arrow keys. Pressing “P” or clicking outside of the game field will pause the game for you and pressing the green arrow will bring you back to the game. You have a radar you can activate with “R” and you can push enemies away with the “F” key when your force field is fully charged. The “Q” and “E” keys or 1-5 changes your weapon to various colors and you need to use the same color of pill on the enemy you are fighting. Lastly, you can do a rocket jump by jumping up, aiming down, then firing at the ground. Don’t worry, there’s no splash damage with these pills. Oh yes, aim and fire with the mouse for maximum effectiveness. Two other things you’ll notice is that there’s a lot of recoil when you shoot and you travel very slowly. You can counter the recoil by crouching and you can travel faster by jumping and shooting opposite the direction you’re moving. That will give you a nice shove forward.

You can mute in the pause section, which is a good thing because the music between the levels is really annoying. The music during gameplay is pretty good and mellow though, perfectly themed for a game that takes place in space. There isn’t much to speak of in terms of sound effects, but there’s enough to get you by.

There is some pretty good animation and some very nice art, especially in the background. The face of Doctor Zed is customizable on the level select screen so you can individualize your gaming experience to a degree. You may experience a little bit of vertigo with the frequent spinning and zooming, so if you get motion sickness easily then you may want to stay away from this game.

8/10. Nice graphics and animations. Customizable character, too.

7/10. The amount of recoil can get really annoying.

7/10. Music is irritating and repetitive, but there’s a mute so it’s all good.

9/10. Interesting idea for a game.

6/10. The explanation for the controls…well, it sucks. Needs a tutorial.

I like this game enough that I want to play it through to the end. Very enjoyable. 7/10

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