Ninja Gardener

Ninja Gardener


Dang birds, they may look harmless, but all they want is to be a nuisance until they get at your newly planted seeds. The ninja goes through all that trouble to make a garden, and they want to take it away. Dang birds are evil (stupid creatures, those birds ).

The interesting thing about this game is that it manages to bring enough new things to the table to avoid it being called a generic defense game. There are different classes, which are divided by color of their feathers, each class faster than the last. You have to throw spades at each of them (Done by clicking on them), and there are power-ups. They make you throw faster, give you some more points, and more along that tune. Remember that random clicking won’t work, because you have to prioritize your spade-throwing. The faster class of birdy, the more attention you should give it. This gameplay mechanic works amazingly. There are ten levels, each painfully more difficult than the last.

Colorful and 3-d rendered

Fend off the birds! The power-ups make this formula all the better.

A half-decent set of sound effects and music, of the oriental type.

Defend? Yes, but its a garden, and you are a ninja.

Although it is mouse only, some keyboard action would really benefit to this game.

Good luck.

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