Pop Pirates

Pop Pirates


So you know how the RIAA is getting upset at you for stealing their music, right? Well apparently a virus is returning the favor and stealing your music files. Take the fight to the guts of your computer in a heated battle for control of your music. Is there a message here? Probably not. Just shoot stuff, get powerups, and have fun.

Fly your little…dude around the screen destroying your enemies. Pick up the music files they leave behind but be quick about it. The songs degrade pretty soon so the faster you grab them the more points you’ll earn. Some enemies drop items and for the most part these are offensive upgrades except for the magnetotron, which draws music files towards you. Try to avoid getting hit because you’ll lose an upgrade for each hit you take. This can really take its toll in the long run.

9/10. Good variety of enemies.

8/10. More powerups than you can shake a stick at. Seriously.

6/10. Music needs some variety.

7/10. It’s a shooter, but at least it has an original storyline.

8/10. All mouse, all good.

This is your basic shooter but it’s a real blast to play. Yay for bad plays on words. 8/10

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