Pico Blast

Pico Blast


So you liked castle crashers, eh? Well, here’s something more from newgrounds.

This incorporates more things from newgrounds(Who the heck is hansel?), as to now you play as pico. Your weapon is an ak-47, and can be upgraded. There is only a boss, and several things you must do to defeat him (it?). The setting is an abandoned train yard.

The game, will, yes, remind you of castle crashers. The voice guy is the same, as are the sound effects. This time around, leveling up is replaced with weapon upgrades, and the game is kinda easy. THe addition of extra lives makes things a little less challenging. Overall, the game is fast-paced and very playable.

The animations are smooth and the graphics are clean.

It feels very arcadey.

Again, arcade noise

A throw back boss battle.


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