Marvin Spectrum

Marvin Spectrum


Marvin spectrum is a cartoony color-based reflex game. You run at a constant speed and jump/slide/dive through obstacles. There’s a lot to be said for this game, which is why I am here.

It starts out easy, three different types of obstacles, and no ability to change color. Once you dive/jump/slide through a good number of obstacles, you have to change your color. If you don’t, the obstacle won’t count. There’s no real way to lose, which I like. The main mode is just for score geeks, and I bet you can’t get a perfect run-through. The endless mode is randomly generated obstacles that come at you, and you cannot miss. Any misses lead to a game over. While I personally like the original mode opposed to the endless, I did have fun with it.

If the game sounds fun to you so far, go play it. I have always been quite partial to reflex games. But my one, single quarrel with this game is the fact that the endless mode is randomly generated. This means that you will experience painfully long stretches without obstacles, and there will be areas where there are areas that require blisteringly fast button presses and color changes. I can’t say much else about this game, but it comes highly recommended for yours truly.

The animations are as smooth as butter.

The gameplay is fast and very solid.

Very japanese techno.

A color-based platform reaction game. Woo.

arrow keys and the asdf keys.

I just remembered the word “chameleon”. It kinda fits the game. Maybe if the chameleon would jump alot…

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