Purplenum survival 2

Purplenum survival 2


How to start this one… I could say that this is “The purple based platformer of the summer” but that makes me sound insane.

The reason I say the word “purple” so much in this review is because the character you play, and the environment, plus half the enemies, are purple. On to gameplay. This is a standard fare platforming avoider. There are several enemies, each far more frustrating than the last. I can’t say much more than that. By all means, the game works as you might expect, but there a lot of frustrations. For one, you can be hit by one shot from your enemy SEVERAL TIMES. There is close to nothing as irritating as losing three, YES THREE, lives to one grunt enemies’ shot.

The soundtrack consists of one techno song, which I think I have heard before… The controls are standard, and the graphics hold up well, being very… Colorful (I twitch as I resist saying “PURPLETACULAR!”)

Purple colors… and that’s about it…

A good number of flaws to it, but it does work.

The same ol’ techno.

A purple-based platforming avoider game. The purple is really the only thing that is different.

arrow keys and space bar.

And sorry that these reviews have been coming late, I am kinda on my own here…

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