Doodle defender

Doodle Defender


A limited time offer! Your doodles come to life and fight, no hallucinations needed!

I love to draw, and this game caters to my (somewhat) artistic side. You begin by drawing a ship, which is completely up to you how it looks. I chose a stick figure with a revolver and sunglasses, and threw myself into battle. My first impressions found the game as a doodle-themed version of asteroids, and that is a very vague definition. There are RPG elements, like the store, which include some fun abilities like modifications to your ship, going faster, and etc. etc.

But the gameplay is rather well presented. You float around destroying your triangle enemies and making blue barriers to ward them off. This is done by pressing shift, and there is nothing better than capturing a high level enemy in a wall and then glassing them. The sound is very, very good. There is a mute button, but there are so many songs and genres of songs that there is no need to. They all accompany the triangle blasting very well. This game comes with a 9/10 from me, and I hope you share my thoughts.

The background is paper, and you are part of it.

It ends up feeling very arcadey.

Many, many different songs, with the ability to change among them. Yay.

Draw a ship and fight, the procrastinator’s way!

arrow keys with shift to make a wall.

Go forth and doodle!

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