Friday feature! Interview with ducklette

First things first. Does your name have an origin?

it does, actually. so here’s a shameless plug! got it from my favorite non-kong site: saw the word there, and decided it would make a good username.

Now, what made for you becoming a regular of the van?

honestly, it was where i was put to begin with. but i didn’t use chat for a couple months. i read it, and one day decided to jump in. i liked my van friends so much, that i never left until they gave me Feed the Ducks.

And they followed you, did they not?

a lot of them did. 🙂 i’m glad, too. i’d miss them terribly!

Insane as they are 😛 Now, did you have any goals when you made your super-extra-awesome room?

well, honestly, i wasn’t expecting to get a room so fast! so i didn’t have time to think about goals. i just wanted to create a fun, safe place for people to visit while they’re on kong.

A success?

for the most part. i’ve got a lot of really good help from other mods, and even the regular users are great, responsible people! so i’ve kind of been spoiled.

And how long have you been modding for?

a couple of months now. although it feels longer than that, i think.

Well, did you have a role model back in the van?

i had tons of good role models in the van. i was there back in the days when AlisonClaire was. she was a good person to whom i still look up a bit. and trickyrodent! ahh, the old van was a good time.

And is there a new one?

they’re all my favorites! even the ones i fiercely hate, haha. the game i love that i wished loved me back right now is indestructotank AE. not having so much luck with it, but who doesn’t love exploding things?

I have absolutely no ground to argue with that. So, do you play any games outside of kongregate?

well, not too much. play pc games like myst and other beautiful point’n’clicky type things. but, we just bought a wii, and are receiving it in the mail tomorrow, so i think i’ll be doing that a great deal.
i have to say that back when i was rooming with someone with a wii, zelda: twilight princess was, to me, the best game on the face of the earth. i’m counting down the hours until i can play it again!

May your ups truck travel with the speed of a bullet. So can anyone expect to see you online tomorrow?

haha, yes. it probably won’t be around until the evening. that, and i’d never forsake kong for THAT long. games are wonderful, but these fine kongregans are my good friends.

Those friends seem very lucky..


So, ducklette can be found in feed the ducks, at what times?

from about 2pm EST until 6 or 7, and then at times throughout the night. 🙂

well, want to take this time to shout out to some of your friends?

All of em! The FTD group especially!

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2 Comments on “Friday feature! Interview with ducklette”

  1. Alcibiades Says:

    Great interview with a great mod. Thanks, Doc and Ducklette!

  2. doctormarmalade Says:

    I had a ton of fun doing this one, too 😀

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