Mad Vlad 2: Revamped

Mad Vlad II


You start out as vlad, the most powerful and oldest vampire, who has a meeting with the generals of the land. They use their lawyers to kick him out, and the game begins! You learn how jump and all that, and you immediately start your quest. The generals land is now guarded by… lawyers.

Yes. There are lawyer boss battles, and lawyer puzzles. But that is beside the point. The gameplay is very finely tuned, but it could use with a checkpoint or two. You only have 3 lives per area, and that includes the areas boss battle. A tad frustrating, but it is overlooked easily. The game has many funny bits. Some are genuine hilarity.

The graphics are cartoony and detailed. The environments look like they’ve had a lot done to make them. The audio is very, very good. Every area has its own fitting soundtrack. They don’t sound like they were made on mario paint, but more like on a symphony orchestra. Thumbs up to the sounds.

Cartoony, yet very detailed.

It’s rather addictive, with the jumping and the spinning…

Very orchestral.

Make a sequel to mad vlad, but this time, you gotta fight lawyers.


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