Friday feature! Interview with Sakuya

Fiiiiiirst question! Does your name have an origin?

I was on an anime/graphics forum, called G-Boards, and I found a Naruto forum I was gonna join. So I was looking at anime pictures at the time, and I found one of a pretty anime girl in a bikini. The name Sakuya was next to it, and I liked it, so it stuck.

A past shrouded in mystery… and anime women in swimsuits. Gotta love it. Now, how long have you been a mod for?

I’ve been a mod for a little over 4 weeks now

Now, what are, in your opinions, the best and worst parts of being a mod?

Best part and the worst part has to do with the trolls.
Best part: You can ban them. Worst part: You have to deal with them.

What would make dealing with them easier?

They becoming smarter would help.

Hm… I see where you are going with that. Where do you most often hang out on kong?

Cafe Kong.

What is the appeal of that room to you?

Most of my friends are in there. Plus, It’s where I began.

Speaking of which, when did you join kongregate, and why?

I joined December 4th, 2007. I’ve been in DeviantArt and there is a Chat called Trivia. But since the bot for the room wasn’t working, they recommended the site, so I joined.

Do you have a favorite game on kong?

Haha. Platform Racing 2, Kongregate Chat, and Pieces.

And do you have a favorite game outside of kongregate?

Ah. Toughy. I really like the “Tales of Symphonia” type of games, or the .hack series.

What system would that be?

The “Tales of ….” games are on PS2 and Game Cube. The .hack games are on PS2.

Do you have any role models on kong?

Hm… Wow. Damijin 😛 I always seem to talk to him and ask him questions.

Now, what do you do for fun when you aren’t online?

Mostly Sports or hanging with friends, or school

Heh. Looks like I’ve run out of questions. Anything you wanna shout out here?

Hi Friends!  I love you.

Thanks for teh info!

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3 Comments on “Friday feature! Interview with Sakuya”

  1. Cesaz05 Says:

    Awsome 😀 :3

  2. Venzael Says:

    Nice interview :3
    What advice would you have for people aspiring to be moderators, Sakuya?

  3. doctormarmalade Says:

    *Headdesk* I knew I was missing something, cheers, ven.

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