Machete chamber

Machete Chamber


Ever want to dodge machetes while answering trivia? NO? What do you mean no! You even get prizes!

Well… yeah. I like trivia as much as anyone, but adding an endless stream of machetes makes things a bit better. Jeopardy needs some of this… The way the game works is that there are 4 tiles. Each represent the letter of your answer, and you get a prize when it is correct, and a facefull of blades if you don’t. The game handles nicely, but don’t expect to get the biggest prize on your first go.

The music is (stolen?) the same as ragdoll invaders, and that is a bad thing. I didn’t like it then, and not now. But that is really my only bad thing to say about the game, so I’d give this one a shot.

Not quite pretty, but they serve well.

Trivia AND machete avoiding

Semi-annoying techno including the screams of getting nailed by a machete.

A game show with lessons in avoidance.

Arrow keys.

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