Endless war 3

Endless war 3


There have been three endless wars? Erm… wouldn’t one have to end for another to begin?

Quarrels with terminology aside, this game is real fun. There’s shooting… lotsa shootin’. The concept of all the booms and ka-blamos and bangs is that you are some military guy(Could be from one of many wars) and you have to clear the screen of enemies, then leave the screen. Easier said than done, as deaths come easily. Amazingly enough, friendly fire is in the game. when I play as the mutants, It becomes very fun just to nail your slimy amigos with an enemy flamethrower. Now, this isn’t essential to gameplay, but teamkilling is remarkable in fun.

I don’t like the fact that every freaking moment the screen is full of life-ending bullets, but hey, it’s war.

Top down cartoons.

Pew pew. Tons of good gunplay.

Just sound effects, which are pew pew’s and ahhhhh’s

Top-down battles in parts of 4 campaigns.


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