Friday feature! Interview with GenX

Shall we?

Sure, lets do it

So, I hear that your name has a story to it.

Sure. My screenname comes from the words “Generation Next,” which was an idea for a company slogan/motto that I was throwing around in my head. The company was going to be dedicated to creating technology that would help power the world towards a better future. So when I picked a name, I just shortened it. NOT relating to Xgen like everyone assumes

I thought that that needed to be cleared up

Now, when did you join kongregate, and why?

I first joined Kong August 24th, 2007. I don’t really remember how I came to Kong though. I probably just followed a link from here. I’d have to say since February/March. I actually can’t remember the exact date, but I’m pretty sure it was late February or early March.

And do you have a favorite part about modding and a least favorite?

I think the most favorite part of modding is when I get to ban a really annoying person. Theres a sense of, empowerment I guess that I get. I also like getting thanked for doing something like that, since modding is normally a thankless job. The worst part about it would have to be dealing with people who just want to annoy. Theres some users on Kong who just want to be a pain in the ass. Thats the worst part for me.

And is there a level of satisfaction when you ban someone?

Maybe not for the average spammer. The satisfaction comes from the ordinary user whom I’ve banned, who comes back and says “you know, I misbehaved and I deserved to get banned.” Thats when I get satisfaction out of it, because that user won’t be a problem in the future for anyone else. Things like that really make me feel like what I do on Kong is actually helping Kong.

Never thought about it like that… But I have heard that you have many suggestions relating to the moderating system, what are some?

One of them would be to censor certain words, and certain combinations of words. referral links are popping up more often, and I think a bit of prevention for things like that would go a long way towards helping out in the long run. Another would be to give mods the option of viewing where someone is with a private profile. Right now we can’t see where they might be, which means they could be causing trouble in another room, and and we wouldn’t know about it until a user informed us. I’d also like to see the ability to go “invisible” so that we have an easier time catching spammers/trolls/trouble makers. Right now most just shut up when we come in the room

So, where, on Kong, do you hang out?

Mainly I hang out in DE, my room. But, I do go to other rooms whenever a user pm’s me. I also hang out in AAA a bit too.

So do you moderate anywhere else?

I used to admin a board called OSB, Official Otherside Board. It was an up and coming rap/hiphop board. I managed interviews, set mod accounts, created and managed sub-forums. I stopped going there a while back though.

And anything that you learned there that you apply to kongregate?

Its actually been quite a change for me. I was more of the behind the scenes admin there. Now that I’m here at Kong, I had to learn how to be more visible, more friendly, all the things that go along with being a mod

Hmm… Enough of the mod questions. So, can you tell me about what you do outside of kongregate?

For the most part I go to school, right now I attend University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, but I’m hoping to transfer to SUNY Fredonia. It specializes in theatre, music, and the arts, which is something that interests me. I’m also fairly involved in the Boyscouts of America, I worked at a BSA camp last year, and had plans to work at one this year as well. I didn’t get to follow through on those, but I do go up and visit/volunteer whenever I can.

And what do you plan to major in?

I plan on majoring in something theatre related, probably a directors type position. Something technical for sure, not a dancer or anyone out in the open, actually doing the shows

Hmm… looks like this interview is coming to an end
Anyone you want to shout out to?

Just to all the users of Kong, COME TO DE! Except trolls. Don’t even try.

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