Here’s da deal

Due to a lack of time in my day, I cannot keep up with posting. Therefore, I will not be posting on tuesdays or thursdays. This will make it many times easier on me, and I hope that it isn’t a MASSIVE inconvenience. Interviews will not be effected by this.

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2 Comments on “Here’s da deal”

  1. white_eagle Says:

    I love your walkthroughs, especially the Johnny Rocketfingers one, just keep up with the good work dude 🙂
    As for the delay, you don’t have to even blog about that, if they want walkthroughs why not try atleast once get the game by themselves! 😀

  2. white_eagle Says:

    Oops.. Sorry an honest mistake, I posted this comment on the wrong tab and wrong blog (in case is yours than it doesn’t matter) 😛 😦 I hope you’ll excuse me, but I have just viewed your posts and they are cool too so continue the work, you’re awesome too for making walkthroughs, so have a good day! 😀

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