Friday feature! Interview with MeMe44

Hello and welcome. First off, where is your name from?

hello to you too, my name comes from the initials of my name and only after i started using it did I know what a meme was.

Good to know. How did you find kongregate?

a friend told me about the game Protecter and I went to play it and have been here ever since

and how long have you been a mod for?

I became a mod on June 4,2008

and what was the name of your room again?

The Village

Now, how strict/lenient of a mod do you consider yourself to be?

well that depends, I think I am strict but everyone says I give too many chances. But I really try to be fair.

Do you think that there is something that could improve the way you moderate ( a new system, perhaps?)

Yes, I do think there are ways to improve the system but if I told you what they are I would have to kill you because they are not ready for public knowledge

hhmm maybe something instead of banning

Is that the hint? Like a non lethal ban?

I can’t say anymore, I have already said too much

Fair enough. Do you have a favorite game on kongregate? Off it?

I will always say Protecter but I do like the differences games they are challenging. Off kong Oblivion is my favorite.

Elder scrolls? Sweet. Do you have a role model on kongregate?

Oh I play WOW too

Do you have any role models?

My role model will always be valkyrie, she is the first mod I met way back in cafe kong. And also one of my first friends here.

Do you have a favorite and least favorite part to modding?

My favorite part is helping all these young people have a great place to play games, and I really hate to ban people; it breaks my heart when I have to do it. THey don’t think it does but I really do not get a thrill from banning.

What do you do outside of kongregate?

well let me see I live near the ocean, so boating and Florida activities. And I love to shop!!!!

okay, looks like I am out of questions. Any shout outs you want to make?

Hello Village People lol

heh, thanks for the interview

That was painless doc

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One Comment on “Friday feature! Interview with MeMe44”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    You are Awesome Meme! You rock! *bow* And I am glad to have a friend in you.

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