Vector Runner

Vector Runner


Barreling down a non-stop track with spikes popping up all over the place has never been so fun. Collecting the cubes for points is the sugar on top.

The game, in all it’s neon glory, is fast as… something that goes very fast. And there is no lag, even at breakneck speeds. The steering is great, allowing for second-friendly avoidances. But one of my favorite things here is the music. If a game can get the song stuck in my head, it automatically gets a ten for audio. And yes, there is a mute button, but this sweet, sweet techno should not be silenced.

As you progress (the game accelerates automatically), the game becomes more of an avoider than a collector/racer. That’s fine, but the second you go for a cube, you get spiked. I had massive amounts of fun thanks to the gameplay, and here’s to hoping that you will too.



While many flash games use techno, this one uses AMAZING techno.

Race through a never ending track filled with obstacles and breakneck speeds. Woo.

El keyboard.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, it’s migraine season for me, but I am getting better.

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