Friday feature! Interview with nerdrock101

Aloha to ya. Shall we begin?
Fire away.

First up in the line of questions, where is your name from?
Weeell, I really like pet rocks. I always imagined one with glasses, a nerd rock. And, the traditional class suffix 101 was added. Kinda long. >.>

And cute. Now let’s talk about this new room of yours(Lunatic pandora). What’s it’s name story?
Hahaha, not much of a story. The room was someone else’s at first, and I think their choice of name had something to do with Final Fantasy… I just stole their room. XD

And when did you get the room?
Yesterday. So, in a sense I’m still unpacking. Hardy har har.

And when did you join kongregate?
August 13th of last year.

Veteran alert. And a mod for how long?
A couple months I think. Knowing how excited I was, I should remember. XD

Did you want to have a room from the start?
Actually I didn’t know. I found a couple small rooms to hang out in and rotate through, and then finally stopped in Lust. I saw how much sense of community there was in a room.

And how lenient/strict of a moderator do you see yourself as?
I’m pretty lenient overall. But, I’m still finding my place; still a n00b mod.

In your opinion, what would make moderating easier (Maybe make it easier for n00b mods?)
The transition period was pretty tough, when you realize that you’re not calling mods. You do it yourself. Also, that first ban is hard. A little guilt came after. But, it’s nice to feel more active in the fight against evils. :3

I wouldn’t know about this, but doesn’t the letter you get saying that you are a mod now, metaphorically, throw you into the water and tell you to swim, to your own style and whatnot?
It would help if I could swim better. The email is more of a question, and you answer. Then, read the guidelines .(a pretty bare bones description) It’s really about experiences though.
Learn from mistakes, hear what other mods have to say, understand opinions.
And that is advice?
Sure, if it will help anyone else!

And what do you like to do outside of kongregate?
I love hanging out with my friends, playing music, going to school and exploring the great outdoors.

And do you have a rolemodel on kongregate?
Well, there’s a couple. I have to admire Koko, she was my first friend when I ended up in The Lair my first day. I still enjoy talking to her, a really kind person with a good heart.
and Mastry, my other pal I met while I spent some time in Lust. We came to know eachother very well. He’s got such a gentle soul and is quite fun-loving. He always makes me smile. 🙂

And would you like to use this one last spot to give anyone a shout out?
To all my buddies on Kong! And ones I’m soon to meet. 😀

Thanks for the interview.
No problem!

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